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UPMC Information

UPMC Health Plan is owned by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), one of the nation's top-ranked health systems. As part of an integrated health care delivery system, UPMC Health Plan partners with UPMC and community network providers to improve clinical outcomes as well as the health of the greater community.

UPMC Health Plan

The integrated partner companies of the UPMC Insurance Services Division — which includes UPMC Health Plan, UPMC WorkPartners, LifeSolutions (EAP), UPMC for You (Medical Assistance), and Community Care Behavioral Health — offer a full range of group health insurance, Medicare, Special Needs, CHIP, Medical Assistance, behavioral health, employee assistance, and workers' compensation products and services to more than 2 million members. UPMC's Medicaid plan, UPMC for You, has been the #1 Medicaid Plan in PA for eight out of nine years in a row, and the #10 plan in the nation. The UPMC for You provider network includes both UPMC and community providers, totaling more than 86 hospitals and more than 10,000 physicians.

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