Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the United States of America’s health reform law enacted in March of 2010. Also called “Obamacare” because it was signed into law by President Barack Obama, the ACA puts in place comprehensive health insurance reforms that will roll out over four years and beyond.

    Some of the reforms under ACA include many free preventative services for most Americans, prescription discounts for seniors, and pre-natal coverage for women. Under ACA, no one can be denied a major medical insurance policy due to pre-existing conditions. Coverage is now available for children under their parents’ health plans up to age 26. ACA also required insurers to justify any premium increases of 10% or more.

    The Affordable Care Act also required every state to create a health insurance marketplace (also called an exchange) or contract to use the federal marketplace. Individuals can go to these marketplaces to buy health insurance.

    ACA also created requirements for all Americans to have health insurance coverage or face a tax penalty. There are many other aspects of the Affordable Care Act, and an agent can help you understand how the ACA effects your individual healthcare coverage.