Health and Life Insurance Leads Program is an innovative and state-of-the-art lead generation website, providing high-quality insurance leads to experienced agents. We connect people who are searching for health and life insurance with knowledgeable agents who can help them make smart choices for themselves and their families. Not only are our leads extremely profitable, they are also some of the fastest in the business, allowing agents to focus on selling clients.

Check out some of the benefits of our Leads Program:

  • Our leads are people who are actively searching for help with health and/or life insurance, and are genuinely interested in buying.
  • Leads are delivered real-time through email and/or SMS Text Messaging, so you can contact people within minutes of inquiry.
  • Targeted leads allow you to concentrate your attention on chosen areas.
  • There’s no contract involved; buy as many leads as you’d like, as often as you’d like.
  • Our health and life insurance lead rates are extremely competitive. only partners with experienced and knowledgeable agents who can provide clients with fair and unbiased insurance information. We expect our agents to help clients find a health or life insurance plan which fits their particular needs and budget. If you are a licensed agent in the health and/or life insurance market and would like to begin providing our clients with quality support, please apply here.