Purchasing Through an Agent Vs. Direct

Saving money by buying directly from a health insurance company is virtually a myth. You may have seen ads leading potential customers to believe that they will save money purchasing directly from a carrier. In most instances, the insurance company is actually trying to make more money rather than save you money.

Health insurance premiums are regulated by government insurance departments. This ensures that all consumers are treated equally. Whether you purchase the plan directly from the insurance company, or you purchase it from an agent, the price must be the same, provided the plans are quoted with the same data, such as area, ages, number of people to be insured.

So why would the insurance create this sort of illusion? The insurance company profits more selling directly to the insured. The insured never pays over or above the policy premium price for an agent. An agent is paid by the insurance company in the form of a commission. The commission has already been figured into the premium amount. So whether you elect to purchase from an agent or direct from the insurance company, you will pay the same premium.

Having an agent could actually be a huge advantage. An agent’s job is to provide you guidance and help with your insurance needs. Health insurance is very important and complex. All plans are not created equally. Policies are typically written in legal terms that most people are not accustomed to reading. Let a health insurance agent help you better understand exactly what you are buying to protect you from financial burden.

Basic services such as claims and policy changes will likely be handled much quicker through an agent. Rather than waiting on hold for hours to have a claim mistake corrected, ask your agent to help you with the situation. Chances are, the agent will get it done with less time and work invested on your part.

You are putting money back into the community by obtaining an agent, rather than going direct. The commission will be paid to someone, either to the insurance company or the community agent, you make the decision.

Whichever option you choose to purchase your health insurance, the price for an exact policy will always be exactly the same. To connect with a licensed, local agent in your area, click here.