Travel Insurance/International Medical Insurance

If you’re planning to take a trip abroad this year, it’s important to remember that your health insurance plan isn’t going to cut it if you get sick or injured while travelling internationally.

In most cases, it’s an extremely smart move to purchase international medical insurance if travelling abroad. The health insurance plan you have most likely won’t cover international medical expenses. The few policies that do offer worldwide coverage, typically have a time limit. International Medical Insurance is a niche coverage, designed to work with providers internationally. Most international providers will recognize, and have no problem putting a claim through a well-known International Medical Insurance provider.

There are typically two types of International Medical Insurance: Plans for someone travelling for business or pleasure, and plans for people who will be overseas for an extended period of time.

International Medical Insurance is designed to cover expenses incurred from an accident or illness, but some plans will even include an optional fly home benefit. If you become hospitalized while travelling abroad, the insurance carrier will pay for you to be transferred to a homeland hospital.

If you have any plans to travel outside the country, whether for business, pleasure, or for an extended period of time, International Medical Insurance is typically a very affordable option to make sure you are protected, no matter where you are.