Frequently Asked Questions

  • Although you are not required to buy individual health insurance through an agent, it is highly recommended. An agent can help you find a health insurance plan which meets your needs as well as budget. Health insurance is an important and complex subject, and all plans are not created equal. Policies are often written in difficult legal terms that most people are not accustomed to reading. An agent can help you make sense of the legalese, so you don’t find yourself in financial difficulty down the road.

    We provide our services free of charge to you. Based on the information you provide, we match you to a licensed agent who is contracted with several insurance carriers in your area that can meet your needs. Your agent will guide you through your decision- from quoting to buying. They’ll help you find out if you qualify for a subsidy, what the benefits of each plan are and what your actual costs will be. An agent will answer questions you may have about a carrier, a plan or new healthcare law. Online exchanges can only provide you prices of a few plans and options, while most health insurance agents represent all of the insurance companies available in your area. Our agents are able to quote plans both on and off the exchange, so you’ll have access to every option.

    Whether you buy through an agent, a marketplace, or direct from a carrier, you will pay the same price. Premiums are regulated by the government, and insurance companies cannot charge you more for buying through an agent. An agent is paid by a commission, through the insurance company. Their commission is already worked into your premium, whether you buy through an agent or not, so it will never effect your price.

    Basic services such as claims and policy changes will likely be handled much quicker through an agent. Rather than waiting on hold for hours to have a claim mistake corrected, ask your agent to help you with the situation. Chances are, the agent will get it done with less time and work on your part. Click here for a free quote.